Monday, 26 May 2008

Race Driver: GRID - Shipping today! £32 + Free Gift

Just had this email come through from ShopTo.

"Just dropping you a line to let you know that we will be shipping Race Driver GRID on Tuesday and we are now accepting live orders for the title and anyone who grabs a copy while in stock over the weekend will receive the game at £32.00 aswell as a free gift prize from our draw with prizes of hats, umbrellas and t-shirts all up for grabs."

So if you fancy getting a hold of the game early, for cheap and with a free gift to boot, click the following links.

Race Driver: GRID (Xbox 360) - £32 delivered
Race Driver: GRID (PS3) - £32 delivered
Race Driver: GRID (PC) - £19.99 delivered
Race Driver: GRID (DS) - £22.99 delivered

Update: I've had emails asking what the free gifts are. Here's a pic:

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bargainmaster said...

Quick bump to remind you that this is shipping tomorrow for delivery on Wednesday. So if you're after getting this great game a couple of days early and at a great price, click through.