Thursday, 24 July 2008

The full list for today's 24 hour Gamestation sale

Those of you keeping an eye on Gamestation's 24 hour sale might be interested in this:

Bigger picture here.

It doesn't mention what times they'll each be going up, so you'll still have to check every hour. But if you're interested in any of those, stick around!

Highlights include:

Xbox 360 Elite + Ninja Gaiden 2 + Project Gotham Racing 4 - £259.99
The Orange Box - £14.99
Enemy Territory Quake Wars - From £14.99
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (PSP) - £14.99
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - £19.99
Burnout Paradise - £14.99
Civilization Revolution - £19.99

1 comment:

Tom said...

Does anyone know if the Gamestation website is going to do these deals again